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About Us

When it comes to connectivity, Sipnex’s clients should know that we (and they!) are talking quality!

About Us

2020 and Beyond

Since 2012, as a telecom carrier, we have been providing a wide range of high-quality telecommunication services to clients throughout Canada, United States, the UK and Australia. Each time we collaborate with clients, we devise solutions that improve their productivity and reduce monthly investment costs – often into the double-digits versus their previous providers. Based upon client-demand, we can limitlessly scale-up our network capacity. We only use technologies and enter partnerships with recognized industry leaders. The result is ‘round-the-clock, friendly, capable customer service, undergirded by our use of top hardware and software.

Our Talented Team

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Dominic Peters
Jeremy Mateo
Nancy Rawlings
Nov 29 , 2019 - 3  min read
It’s not a stretch to say that PBX has been skyrocketing as the communications darling of IT Directors, CEOs and...
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Nov 22 , 2019 - 3  min read
Knowing that it is impossible to separate Huawei as a giant telecom-network equipment supply company from the Chinese government, the...
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Nov 15 , 2019 - 2  min read
As we race toward 2020, IT managers are realizing that creating a logical set of networking security standards not only...
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