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Sipnex works with businesses to maximize your ability to assign personal numbers to employees. With our DiD programs, we create win-win-win scenarios for our clients, your employees, and the customers they serve. Every staff member can utilize a unique phone and/or fax number thanks to a professionally-established PBX.
Sipnex will direct you to the proper ISDN or Digital Line – which is DID-enabled – for purchase. Thereafter, your company can route specific calls to pre-determined extensions.

No stone unturned
• Inbound Calling (Toll-free and paid)
• Outbound Calling (Toll-free and paid0
• SMS and Long-code SMS & MMS (Toll-free and paid)

Support services provided
• Personalized Account Management
• 24x7x365 Customer service access (phone, fax, slack, email SMS, MMS)
• Job ticket creation for technical troubleshooting & consulting
• Volume discounts with tiered rate-decks
• Scalable plans

Instant setup
Whether your business has only a local presence or wants to expand nationally (or even internationally), Sipnex can ensure that no matter where you travel, your phone number is routed to you, instead of a phone at a desk in another geography. The setup does not take long, and you select whether inbound calls (even those generated from a Google+ business page Facebook or Instagram Call-to-Action, are sent to a menu of choices that allow your clients to make communication decisions for themselves. You can accept calls yourself, or have people sent directly to a call-answering platform, instead.

DiD boosts business successes
Sipnex helps you establish multiple phone numbers, then monitor them with analytics tools. Over time, the data generated will give you an understanding of which ads and marketing campaigns work, what level of sales are being generated, and how well your customer-care team is handling inquiries and complains.


Let us know what’s on your mind. If it has to do with Sipnex, our talented team can help you communicate efficiently and cost-effectively in a world shrunk by technology!

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