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Hosted Political Polling Software

Hosted Political Polling Software

Hosted Political Polling Software

At Sipnex, we understand the value of ensuring election integrity – especially when you’re employing a phone system to collect secure data. While we are agnostic about which software to use, our professional team can recommend a solution that addresses your unique situation. Beyond collecting traditional candidate election data (ie; for board member positions), we can gather “Yes” or “No” answers regarding a local community’s ballot proposition, or data from an election for which multiple answers can be selected (ie; for contract ratifications, amendments to condo bylaws, member polls, etc.).

Even if you want to collect survey results about a particular marketplace niche, or gauge employees’ satisfaction with their jobs, we know how to set up and help you implement a software solution that produces reliable results.

No matter your approach, our Sipnex pros can display the collected information in charts or tables, with columnar information searchable by different variables collected. Plus, all our solutions are strengthened by four key factors:

#1 Integrity of Vote Results

Anonymous voting is a cornerstone of elections. With Sipnex, you can achieve the notion of one-person, one-vote by using secured voting-keys which enable verification through an independent audit process. Not even Chicago, with its sometimes dubious election results (ie; people who have long-since died still appear on the voter rolls), can come close to the election integrity we provide.

#2 Voter Turnout

Before people vote, they have to know the details of “when” and “how”. We can help you notify your voter-base via text message, email, or existing systems that can be integrated. In turn, the voters cast their “ballots” (or make their opinions known) by computer, phonecall (with recording of peoples’ voices when responding to questions)… even by postal mail or in-person.

#3 Automation and Manual Assistance

Depending upon the nature of your election, we can help you “set it and forget it”; allowing automated technologies to administer the vote and count the results. This can free you up to simply oversee the process. Or, if you prefer, work with our election software gurus who will provide hands-on assistance.

#4 Election Security

To ensure that election results can be trusted, we utilize 256-bit encryption (and higher if your budget allows) which is the level that major Banks use for their security. In no instances does Sipnex ever utilize your proprietary data for any other purposes. Privacy is guaranteed, and no part of your election process – from the questions asked, to the votes cast, will ever be shared. That information belongs to you, and the voters who participate in the elections you create.


Let us know what’s on your mind. If it has to do with Sipnex, our talented team can help you communicate efficiently and cost-effectively in a world shrunk by technology!

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