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LRN Lookup Solutions

LRN Lookup Solutions

LRN Lookup Solutions

LRN, or “Local Routing Numbers” are a specialty of Sipnex. Simply stated, we help ensure that Local Exchange Carrier charges that you would normally pay are eliminated altogether. Gone too are those annoying “dropped calls”.
We have crafted a streamlined and accurate LRN service that identifies Location Routing Numbers with low latency, reliably, that we then, cost-effectively, route to their proper destinations.

How does LRN Lookup actually work?
1. Your customer, let’s call her Anna, places her phonecall at 1:00 pm. The least expensive route is identified, and her call is “sent” at that moment.
2. Anna decides to call the same person at 7:00 pm that same day. Automatically, Sipnex’s LRN lookup determines the least-cost-route, which is entirely different than the one six hours prior.
3. No matter the phone-number that anyone in your company dials, Sipnex will automatically query our database for the lowest dollar cost, and route the call(s) automatically.

What about Local Number Portability?
Since 2004, the US gov’t. has required that telecom customers have the ability to retain their phone numbers, if they desire, when changing to different providers.
In fact, approximately 35% of North American phone numbers, currently active, were ported from previous providers. This concept of LNP or “Local Number Portability” was codified into federal law thanks to the FCC. As a result, applying LRN is a more complex service than it otherwise would have been without LNP.
Sipnex, nevertheless, has overcome technical hurdles and provides reliably low latency LRN (Location Routing Number) query-system.

LRN is Cost-Efficient and Transparent

  • Reduce company expenses with no minimum commitments. Pay only
    what you use, on a per-minute cost, and enjoy streamlined routing of all
    your calls.
  • View numbers via our tool LRN Lookups. We provide access to a company name, state, and the residential code.
  • Complete phonecalls (avoid dropped ones) to the appropriate operator,
    every time.


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