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SMS (“Short Message Service”), familiar to practically everybody, are those messages tapped away on smartphones and computers and sent to devices of clients, colleagues, friends and family members in short bursts. For messages that can’t be contained in 224 alpha-numeric characters, SMS technology simply
breaks them into multiple messages.

A companion technology, MMS (“Multimedia Message Service”), enables users to attach photos, graphics, animations, audio, and video content.

Sipnex offers two-way P2P (“Person To Person”) and outbound one-way, A2P (“Application To Person”) communications, at competitive fee rates. For business clients, A2P is particularly valuable for issuing 1-time passwords & Pin Codes, general marketing messages, medical/dental appointment reminders, and more.


Sipnex Provides

  • Branded and customized web application, fully hosted
  • Administrative interface per our Clients’ requests/requirements
  • 24x7x365 Client-support
  • Competitive, tiered price model. The more you use, the larger your
  • SMPP (“Short Message Peer-to-Peer”) Protocol to send/receive SMS from
    both CDMA (“Code Division Multiple Access”) and GSM (“Global System
    for Mobiles”), each of which was radio communication technologies
    utilized in “older” cell phones
  • Online billing for ease of payments

SMS Benefits that our Clients Enjoy

  • Communicate locally, nationally and internationally
  • Deploy from any computer to any mobile device on Earth
  • Ability to use multiple Interfaces
    • Microsoft Outlook (plug-in for SMS)
    • The World Wide Web
    • PCs’ Instant Messenger
    • Custom API’s


Let us know what’s on your mind. If it has to do with Sipnex, our talented team can help you communicate efficiently and cost-effectively in a world shrunk by technology!

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