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Toll-Free Origination

Toll-Free Origination

Toll-Free Origination

“Origination” refers to inbound calls. Even if the concept appears backward, the big idea here is that Sipnex’s reliable system routes all the originating calls that are headed to you.

Why choose Sipnex for your Toll-Free Origination?

Responsible Management

We give you the reins to manage the way you’d like calls delivered. For your SIP calls, greater flexibility is created for your management of call routing, the more data you enable to be passed through to you. Plus, when eliminating numbers, you can quickly delete them from our easy-to-use dashboard.

Flexible Decision-Making

It can be frustrating if you’re forced to wait for new numbers’ availability. More importantly, when eliminating numbers, you’ll want the ability to quickly delete them from an easy-to-use dashboard we provide.

Functionality first…second, third, etc.

  • Backup: Server failure? Power outage? Sipnex provides redundant systems to backup your data and keeps your calls flowing.
  • Caller ID Name (CNAM) storage & lookup: Improve customer loyalty with increased answer-rates and toll-free numbers.
  • Emergency 911: With safety as a priority, E911 enables emergency personnel and services can be supplied rapidly via automatic routing of your company’s phone number.

Value vs. Price: Sipnex ensures that high-quality is part of the equation.

Why choose Sipnex for your Termination?

Termination: The Flipside of Origination
Phonecalls have senders and receivers. The originating call occurs where the phone dialed. The recipient’s phone is the Termination end. With Sipnex, outbound calls are delivered to the numbers you dial.

We’ve got you covered: Origination & Termination
We provide origination and termination services. First, we gather your information; then configure your PBX with rules specific to your needs.

Finally, all our account mgmt. and invoicing are issued from our headquarters. This cuts down on customer confusion while simultaneously clarifying the various steps in the process.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Let us know what’s on your mind. If it has to do with Sipnex, our talented team can help you communicate efficiently and cost-effectively in a world shrunk by technology!


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