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Wholesale LD

Wholesale LD

Wholesale LD

Scalability is key for business growth

Sipnex understands that our clients’ wholesale LD needs are reaching beyond basic connectivity and fast upload/download bandwidth. Fifth Generation (5G) network technologies are on pace to completely take over
modern 4G LTE networks. Businesses will enjoy video-phonecalls without annoying lag time. Individuals can play video games with heavy graphics, interruption-free; and download video files in seconds instead of hours. The speed gains are real – and measurable, already – ranging from 2-10x, and eventually 100 times faster than current speeds.

Sipnex is committed to our Clients
• Leverage capacity of partners in our global IP network
• Tap talents of OTT system integrators and service providers, including non-
telco intermediaries:
• Snapchat
• Skype
• Facebook Messenger
• WhatsApp
• Smooth, real-time operation of business apps via MPLS
• Pricing models that guarantee choice and flexibility
• B2B dashboard interfaces that make “doing business” even easier

iOT is creating tremendous change
To remain competitive, Sipnex continues to expand our range of hardware, and deepen relationships with top industry wholesale providers. As a telecom service provider, we know that the growing Internet of Things (IoT) will require more connectivity and more reliability. Industries like retail, agriculture and automotive are implementing IoT masterplans, with use cases that are already redefining the scope of services that Sipnex provides.


Let us know what’s on your mind. If it has to do with Sipnex, our talented team can help you communicate efficiently and cost-effectively in a world shrunk by technology!

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