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Establishing Secure Networking Standards is the Price of Entry into the Telecom Marketplace

Nov 15, 2019 - 2  min read

As we race toward 2020, IT managers are realizing that creating a logical set of networking security standards not only protects their companies’ technical capabilities, but they also improve human efficiencies by lowering training costs. Enterprise Telecom encourages the inclusion of your full staff when planning network security. When you get “buy-in” from secretaries, contractors, full-time employees, and the C-suite, your program is guaranteed to benefit from voluntary participation (carrot) and stringent enforcement (stick). Depending upon your business model, you may include partners and vendors in the process, as well.

Thwarting outside attacks to your communications is first and foremost, the job of Enterprise Telecom – and we take that responsibility seriously. However, once we’ve defined Users’ roles and established security zones, filtering and firewalls can’t overcome peoples’ mismanagement of their own passwords. Regardless, we can help the cause by separating departments’ data traffic – even printers and devices – within a single network by installing VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks).

Further, our technical staff will install bogon blocking, DOS (Denial Of Service) prevention capabilities and anti-spoofing; all of which block invalid, dangerous traffic from entering at well-defined security zone perimeters. We manually and automatically search and test our networks for vulnerabilities and hacker threats and distributed attacks, then work swiftly to shut them down before any damage occurs.

By logging and aggregating event audit details, our team establishes a network-wide overview of your security. We regularly follow the enterprise standards that have been established by the Int’l. Telecom. Union + Alliance for Telecom. Industry Solutions. Importantly, each organization benefits from a system in which each piece of equipment and every product in the chain has been vetted, tested, and can be upgraded, as new threats emerge.