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Hosted PBX on steroids thanks to mobility as a catalyst

Nov 29, 2019 - 3  min read

It’s not a stretch to say that PBX has been skyrocketing as the communications darling of IT Directors, CEOs and CFOs over the past few years. In less than a decade, sale of Hosted PBX’s have grown as a part of the overall PBX Market from a measly 3.6% to 18.1%. The amazing upward trend has been documented by Yeastar, a telecommunications solution provider with 100+ technical staff, 200K+ global clients and installations in 100+ countries

What’s driving the use of Hosted PBX?

Driver #1: Low Cost Entry to the Market

Small and Medium Sized businesses generally require only basic voice features. They can climb on board with zero up-front fees, and begin, immediately, driving down their operational costs. No compromise in quality is required because reliability and functionality are in-built features of (high-quality, affordable) Hosted PBX solutions. Plus, companies no longer have to purchase their own expensive hardware infrastructures.

Driver #2: Pricing Plans to beat the band

Predictability in subscription pricing means that IT managers don’t have to leapfrog from provider to provider, chasing rates. CFO’s love it too, for the same reason. By paying only for what you use, according to contracts that don’t change costs, mid-stream, makes for perfect-fit plans. Plus SMB’s no longer require dedicated IT staffs to manage complicated systems, thanks to the power of the Cloud. Personnel can plug in their phones and start dialing.

Driver #3: Scalability helps whether it’s rain or shine for SMBs

Because companies can grow at super-fast rates (especially, notoriously, start-ups), having a Hosted PBX plan in place means that the system grows with you. If business revenues decline, even due to natural seasonality, lines, extensions and phones can be easily removed from your plan. When business picks up, your Hosted PBX will keep pace.

Driver #4: Communications are unified

It’s virtually impossible to find modern employees who don’t spread their workload across several devices – from home computers, to laptops in the field, to smartphone usage on the train ride home. Hosted PBX provides One Number Reach, Integration with company CRM software and instant messaging for continuous reachability. In fact, it doesn’t matter if your workforce lives in different timezones; everyone enjoys the same communications feature set.